Prime Business

Prime Business provides business professionals with the psychological, emotional, interpersonal, leadership, team, and organizational skills that will enable them to perform at their highest level consistently under the most challenging conditions. Prime Business produces meaningful and long-lasting positive change and encourages the highest degree of individual and organizational performance, productivity, and profitability.

Prime Business evolved from Dr. Taylor’s 25 years of work with world-class and professional athletes and coaches. Business leaders, who also saw themselves and their teams as “world-class performers,” invited Dr. Taylor to apply his expertise in performance to the corporate world. Thus, Prime Business was born.

Prime Business addresses the issues and problems that are most relevant to business people in today’s demanding corporate world. It emphasizes finding solutions to “real-world” concerns and providing practical skills to master everyday and extraordinary business challenges. The insights, information, and techniques offered by Prime Business are designed to be “user-friendly;” easy to understand and apply directly to individual and organizational performance.

Prime Business Modules

Prime Business focuses on the needs and goals of business people and companies who want to take their performances—and their lives—to the next level. It involves personalized assessment, short-term or ongoing one-on-one consultation, hands-on team seminars, and follow-up for fine tuning and troubleshooting. Prime Business addresses all aspects of the business professional that affect performance, including personal, professional, leadership, team, and organizational. Prime Business strives to maximize success, encourage personal growth and balance, and foster meaning, satisfaction, and joy in life.

Prime Business is comprised of four related modules: Prime Business Profiling, Prime Business Pyramid, Prime Team Pyramid, and Change Mastery (see below for module descriptions). This modular approach provides for flexibility and customization in developing an ideal program to meet each business professional’s and company’s unique needs.

Module 1: Prime Business Profiling

Prime Business Profiling (PBP) assists you and your team in understanding how your psychological and interpersonal abilities impact your individual and organizational performance. PBP pinpoints and evaluates your personal, professional, performance, leadership, and team capabilities. PBP provides your team with meaningful information that will influence your own performances and that of your employees in management, sales, human resources, training, and other roles within your company.

Prime Business Profiling includes the Prime Business Analysis, an assessment designed to identify the best practices of your top performers, so you can replicate those practices throughout your company. PBP also consists of the Obstacles-to Success Analysis, a special tool that uncovers the barriers that may be preventing you or your company from achieving your goals. PBP provides practical recommendations to maintain strengths and develop other areas, thus optimizing individual and organizational performance.

Module 2: Prime Business Pyramid

Prime Business enhances individual performance, productivity, and profitability. It describes seven factors that are critical for consistently high-level individual performance. These seven factors are discussed in terms of how they progressively lead to Prime Business.

Simple and practical techniques are described and demonstrated to develop Prime Business, for example, strategies for increasing self-knowledge, bolstering motivation, building confidence, controlling stress, improving focus, mastering emotions, and managing ego.

Module 3: Prime Team Pyramid

Prime Team improves organizational performance, productivity, and profitability. Prime Team describes six factors thatare necessary for effective organizational performance. The factors are addressed in the context of how each is essential to the development of a Prime Team at each level of your business.

Valuable information and practical techniques are provided to develop Prime Team. Useful strategies are offered for understanding and improving leadership, building a productive team, facilitating communication, enhancing decision making, inspiring the team, and balancing team egos.

Module 4: Change Mastery

“Change management” is a popular buzzword in the business world, yet I don’t believe that you should be interested in managing change, which suggests just getting by or doing the minimal necessary. Prime Business advocates Change Mastery, a unique process that incorporates the three modules above to produce signficant and sustained change in your company. Special emphasis in Change Mastery is placed on understanding your company’s culture and how it either interferes with or promotes pursuit of your goals.

Prime Business Offerings

Dr. Taylor provides these services in several formats based on the specific needs of you and your company.

Prime Business Coaching

Prime Business Coaching offers businesspeople the opportunity to explore ways to maximize their individual and leadership capabilities in an ongoing one-on-one setting. Goal-directed and exploratory, Prime Business Coaching identifies obstacles (e.g., habitual negativity, perfectionism, fear of failure, need for control, stress, and other emotional and social challenges) that interfere with performance and provides essential information and tools needed to perform at the highest level.

Prime Business Consulting

Prime Business Consulting helps business leaders and their teams to identify challenging problems and find practical solutions that impact performance, productivity, and profitability. Usually conducted in small groups and with a highly focused agenda, these collaborative sessions, which are facilitated by Dr. Taylor and can run from several hours to several days, look at persistent and seemingly unsolvable problems in novel ways and generate creative solutions that produce meaningful corporate change.

Prime Business Speaking

Prime Business Speaking provides small and large business teams with the foundation of knowledge, framework for understanding, and tools for change on a variety of relevant topics (learn more) that lie at the heart of Dr. Taylor’s work. As with all of his work, the goal of these entertaining, content-rich, and interactive workshops is to “inspire, inform, and transform” the professional and personal lives of the attendees.

What Makes Prime Business Unique?

Dr. Taylor, holding a Ph.D. in Psychology and being an experienced corporate consultant, can offer a wide array of services and address a broad range of issues that business people face in their professional and personal lives. Dr. Taylor can help business people identify and develop essential psychological, emotional, leadership, and team skills that will enhance individual and team performance. He can also explore in depth obstacles that may prevent business people from maximizing performance and achieving their goals.

Prime Business Payoff

  • Motivate yourself and your their teams.
  • Build individual and team confidence throughout your company.
  • Master stress and emotions.
  • Use ego as a tool, not a weapon.
  • Understand your company at a deep level.
  • Offer strong, responsive, and inspired leadership.
  • Create an effective company culture.
  • Build a cohesive and high-performing team.
  • Increase communication, decrease conflict, and improve conflict resolution.
  • Make more effective decisions.
  • Produce meaningful, long-lasting positive change.
  • BOTTOM LINE: Prime Business will increase performance, productivity, and profitability.